Creating value from technology

Corporate Introductions

Originata provides results-based corporate introductions between UK high-technology venture companies and Japanese manufacturing and brand corporations.

For UK Venture Companies

Successful business in Japan is based on establishing reliability and trust. The time and cost needed to do this can be too high for small UK venture companies.

For 20 years, Originata personnel have established trusting relationships in Japanese corporations, typically at the level of General Manager or Board Director.

Originata will introduce high quality UK ventures to those corporations.

For Japanese Companies

UK venture companies offer innovative technology that can meet your needs for differentiated, high-margin products.

Originata offers trust-based introduction to such UK high-technology ventures based on a clear understanding of your needs.

Introductions are made only where Originata is confident of the ‘fit’ with your business objectives.

Originata offers on-going support to assist successful commercialisation for both parties.

Post-contract Support

Successful business relationships can be built on extended collaboration directly between the partners themselves. Following introduction, Originata therfore does not act as agent or distributor, negotiate contracts or place business for either part. However, UK and Japanese business styles are different, reflecting the differing cultures.

Originata therefore acts on a ‘case-by-case’, as-needed, basis to help establish the relationship by, for example:

  • providing guidance on reporting & communications,
  • providing local monitoring and support:
    • e.g. acting as independent reviewer,
    • e.g. acting as board observer,
  • conveying and managing expectations,
  • mentoring of UK and JP staff.

In this way Originata helps UK Venture companies and Japanese manufacturing companies to develop a successful long-term relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Originata is effective.

Originata’s personnel can demonstrate a 20 year history of success.